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I was just on the phone with a lab owner in Louisiana. We are working on an article together. I asked him, “What magazine would you like to see this published in?” He said without hesitation, “Spectrum is the best. All the lab owners I know read Spectrum…all the dentists read it too. It’s the top magazine in the industry.”

Joe Maida
Technical Writer
Lanmark Group, Inc.


Spectrum Dialogue is the leading pulse of techno-clinical dentistry. The combination of clinical and laboratory explanations allows a more effective understanding of the dentistry involved.

Dr. Sebastian Saba, DDS, Cert. Prosth., FADI, FICD

As an educator at the University of Manitoba and as a Dental Technologist, I love Spectrum Dialogue. It is informative, educational and current; enveloped by beautiful original covers.

Ken Chizick, RDT, CDT
Faculty Service Lab Manager
Faculty of Dentistry, University of Manitoba

I have witnessed the evolution of Spectrum Dialogue from its infancy; it is an amazing success based on quality and excellence. As a regular advertiser and President of a small firm, I can say that we get results and thus value from our business relationship.

Philippe Aliabadi, MBA
President of DenPlus