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Welcome to Dental Labor International Plus online tests for CE credits! DLI Plus features 2 or more articles with 2 tests for continuing education credits. As a DLI Plus subscriber, you can complete the following tests and submit them to Spectrum Dialogue. As a subscriber, you will receive 0.5 credits for each test submitted in this continuing education series. It's that easy! Download DLI Plus articles and submit your test online! The correct answers to the tests can be found within the articles. Answer 10 multiple choice questions - a score of 7/10 is a passing grade. Your test is automatically marked and you will be shown your test results. You can either choose to submit your test, or if you receive a score that is below the passing grade, you can cancel your submission and try again! Not a subscriber? Subscribe online today!

NOTE: All tests are time sensitive and will expire one year following the issue date. You must complete all tests by this date in order to receive your credits.
Palmeri Publishing Inc. (PPI) has built an excellent reputation as a premier North America and International publisher. PPI now publishes thirteen dental related journals. Our journals continue to be an unbeatable source of information that dental professionals are keen to read and they feature the latest in clinical, technical and techno-clinical cases, updates on products and materials, opinion pieces, educational stories, and coverage of key conferences.
Essence of Morphology - Volume 8, No 1, Dated: 02-01-2016
By: Yoshimi Nishimura, DDS
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Elastic Aesthetic Ceramics - Volume 7, No 6, Dated: 12-01-2015
By: Otmar Rauscher
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All or Nothing - Volume 7, No 6, Dated: 12-01-2015
By: Knut Miller; Dietmar Schaan, MDT
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The Power of Light - Volume 7, No 6, Dated: 12-01-2015
By: Aldo Zilio
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The Importance of Good Communication - Volume 7, No 6, Dated: 12-01-2015
By: Chris McConnell
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Upper jaw and lower jaw restoration with zirconium oxide - Volume 7, No 5, Dated: 10-01-2015
By: Armin Schlegel, MDT; Dirk Frank
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Cranial-mandibular Dysfunction - Volume 7, No 5, Dated: 10-01-2015
By: Jorg Fleissner, DT; Susanne Hermsdorff
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The Importance of the Dental Team - Volume 7, No 5, Dated: 10-01-2015
By: Peter Pizzi, CDT, MDT, FNGS; Michael Ricciardi
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Harmonious Solution for a Challenging Case - Volume 7, No 5, Dated: 10-01-2015
By: Alexander Drechsel, MDT
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Combining Flexibly – This is the Future - Volume 7, No 4, Dated: 07-27-2015
By: Karsten Nix, MDT
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