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Clinical Practical Oral Implantology is published four times a year, and is distributed to dental practitioners across Canada and the United States. The journal is committed to better the knowledge of dental practitioners in discipline of dental implantology.

Apr 01, 2021
Vol 12, No 2
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New Dental Implant Terminology For Exposing And Mitigating The Root Causes

Fast & Fixed: Aesthetic And Functional
Understanding Bone Augmentation And Regeneration
Midazolam And Implant Surgery
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May 07, 2015
Vol 6, No 1
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Full arch implant treatment

Multiple implants

Sinus lift using a specialised implant and a crestal ridge augmentation

Implant-retained overdentures
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Jul 22, 2014
Vol 5, No 2
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Allogeneic Blocks for Maxillary Horizontal Alveolar Reconstruction by Cameron M.L. Clokie

Agenesis of a Soft-tissue Papilla as a Consequence of Careless Placement of a Dental Implant by Robert Carmichael

The Versatility of Retaining Implant Prostheses by Set Screws by Morley Rubinoff

and more...

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Apr 01, 2013
Vol 4, No 1
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Laser-Lok® 3.0 Implant Facilitates Implant Placement by Allen Aptekar BSc., DMD

Interdisciplinary Treatment Planning Single-Tooth
Restorations in the Esthetic Zone by Dr. Piero Simeone

Biological Consequences of Micromotion and Interfacial Strain by Professor John B. Brunski

All-on-4™ Treatment Concept by Dr. Paulo Maló and MALO Ceramics

All-on-4: the untapped market by Dr. Nikhil Sisodia

Orthodontic Extrusion: An Adjunct to Implant Treatment by Steven L. Rasner, DMD

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Dec 01, 2011
Vol 2, No 4
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ImplantProsthetic Rehabilitation of Several Missing Teeth Using Regenerative Surgery and Tissue Conditioning Techniques by Dr. Giovanni Zorzetto

Full Prosthesis in Preparation for Fixed Rehabilitation to Support Implant with Immediate Load: New Parameters by Giuliano Malaguti, Renato Rossi, Ugo Consolo

Evaluation of Flapless OsteotomeMediated Sinus Floor Elevation with Simultaneous Implant Placement by Amr Zahran, BDS, MDS, PhD, Basma Mostafa, BDS, MDS, PhD, Eman Elfirt, BDS, MDS, PhD, Ahmed Reda, BDS, MDS, PhD, and Tamer Sukhtian, BDS, MDS

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Oct 01, 2011
Vol 2, No 3
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Increase in Horizontal Ridge Width via Particulate Bone Allograft in Proximity of the Mental Foramen: A Case Report by Jonathan Adam BSc, FRCDC, MSc, Dip ABP

Use and Utility of Interactive Computed Tomography in Implant Dentistry by Tareq A Abu Saleh, MRD RCSEd

Immediate LOAD versus SUPPORT by Dr. Bergman, DDS, Dipl.OS&A, MScD(Path), MRCD©

Misconceptions about the MiniImplant Technique! by Dr. Bruno Lemay

Smoking and Dental Implants by Graham Cope

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