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Spectrum Dialogue is a publication committed to fostering better communications between Dentists and Technicians in order to optimize patient care. It focuses on cases, materials and techniques that are of interest to both Dentists and Technicians.

Nov 01, 2017
Vol 16, No 8
In This Issue

Smile Makeover with GC Initial LiSi™ Press,
Step Tooth Master Bay, CDT, DTG

Adhesive Prosthesis,
Andrea Savi and Oliviero Turillazzi

Restorations in removable prosthesis with the help of new aesthetic materials combined with tested retentive systems,
Salvatore Chimenz, Vittorio Capezzuto, Vittoria Castiello

High-performance Polymers,
Paul Tipton, BDS MSc DGDP RCS

Dental Capabilites Reaching Further than the Mouth
Robert Schortz, DDS, Specialty: Maxillofacial Prosthodontics.,
Andre Theberge, RDT, CDT, AACD, LVI


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Oct 26, 2017
Vol 16, No 7
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Fully edentulous rehabilitation - Phil Reddington and Lee Mullins


Celtra Press – All Ceramic Power - Hans-Jürgen Joit, MDT

A Modular System (Part 3) - Dr. Dirk Häcker, Wolfgang Weisser, MDT


Immediate Full Arch Restoration - Robert Hayes


The secret behind integrated esthetics 

Neon Makes a New Appearance - Thomas Braun
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Jul 31, 2017
Vol 0, No 0
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ZLS Zirconia Lithium Silicate A New Category of Ceramic - Elahe Behrooz, DDS, MBA Izchak Barzilay DDS, Cert. Prostho., MS, FRCD(C), Javier Lopez RDT

A Modular System- Part 2 - Dr. Dirk Häcker and Wolfgang Weisser, MDT

Clinical Experiences with DIAGNOcam - MD Dr. Straková Dagmar, PhDr. Lubomír Cingl, Ph.D., Prof. MUDr. Dostálová Tat'jana, Dr Sc., MBA, MU Dr. Ivanov Ilija Christo

3D printing and Dental Technolog- Part 2 - Vanik Kaufmann-Jinoian, MDT-Instructory

Shade matching of a single central incisor - Dr. Lorin Berland

Full-mouth Conometric Bridges - DR. Bill Schaeffer, BDS MBBS, FDS RCS (ENG) MRCS (ENG)

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Jul 26, 2017
Vol 16, No 6
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Reproduction of the Natural Appearance in Ceramic Restorations

Zirconium oxide for prosthetic restorations: what dental technicians should know.

Modular System (Part 1) 

3D printing and Dental Technology – a Progress Report, Part 1

Re-creating Nature with Tissue Design to Correct Implant Positioning

A therapeutic concept for patients with CMD 

Three-dimensional Repositioning of the Condyles

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May 05, 2017
Vol 16, No 5
In This Issue

Digital-Analogue: Interaction and Integration between Dentistry and "Ball Attachment" by Giuliano Bonato

The New Revolutionary Moon Concept by Bassam Haddad, RDT
Interdisciplinary Approach to a Rehabilitation with Ceramic Veneers by Dr. Guerino Paolantoni
CAD/CAM Digital Dentistry by Pinhas Adar, MDT, CDT
The Era of Monolithic Translucent Zirconia by Despoina Chatzistavrianou, Shakeel Shahdad and Philip Taylor
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Apr 01, 2017
Vol 16, No 4
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3D Printing: Additive Processes in Dentistry by Dr. Constantine von See and Dr. med. dent. Maximillian Meindorfer

The Choice of the Retention System in an Overdenture by Luca Ruggiero, MDT
High Yield Resin − The pink colour of the PEEK gingiva by Sebastian Pflesser
Digital Complete Dentures by Pasquale La Casella, CDT and Dr. Piero Venezia
The works of the winners of the "Black & White” Art of Denture competition by Christian Scheiber, MDT and Philipp Köhler, MDTo
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Mar 01, 2017
Vol 16, No 3
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Implant — Prosthetic Rehabilitation
The CAD/CAM System by Dr. Valerio Di Mauro, Giuseppe Zuppardi
Metal-free Anterior Restoration by Michele Temperani, CDT, Dr. Francesco Argentino
From 2D to 3D (Part 2) by Giuseppe Rampulla and Andrea Pelosi
Restoration of Anterior Teeth — The Aesthetic Zone by Klaus Ohlendorf, Andreas Pilch
The Magnification Systems for Removable Dentures by Carlo Borromeo, MDT, Dr. Gualtiero Mandelli
A new concept in posterior denture teeth design by Roy Dixon, BDS MA MGDS RCSI 
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Feb 20, 2017
Vol 16, No 2
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A Paradigm Shift by Salvatore D'Amato, MD, DDS

Three Options (Part 2) by Christian Rohrbach, MDT and Hans-Joachim Dörner, MDT
Non-prep Veneers to Correct Peg Shaped Teeth by Vanik Kaufamnn-Jinoian
From 2D to 3D (Part 1) by Giuseppe Rampulla and Andrea Pelosi
The Power of Light by Aldo Zilio
Craniomandibular Dysfunction by D.T. Jörg Fleißner, Greifenberg Dr. Susanne Hermsdorff, München D.T.M. Edgar B. Franke, Greifenberg
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Jan 15, 2017
Vol 16, No 1
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Aesthetic, Bio-compatible, Economical 

The Art of Digital Dentistry in Implant Work by Luke S. Kahng, CDT
Fit for 3D printed frameworks? by ZT Frieder Galura
Three Options (Part 1) by Christian Rohrbach, MDT and Hans-Joachim Dörner, MDT
CLINICAL CASE REPORT: by Dr. Ugo Viganoni, Gabriele Poma, Giorgio Poma
Elastic, Aesthetic Ceramics by Dr. Otmar Rauscher
“Collaborative Approach Leads to Optimal Result”
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Dec 14, 2016
Vol 15, No 9
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Techniques and methods for predictable Aesthetics and Functional results by Claudio Nannini 

Metal Free Ceramic Crowns: Zirconia A solution that comes with its own challenges by Bassam Haddad, MDT
REMOVABLE IMPLANTSUPPORTED PROSTHESIS by Dr. Loredana Mazzaferri, Giunchi Emanuele, Luca Cattin
Natural and Functional(NFP)
Discusses the role CST plays in the immediate hybrid protocol
A Historical Perspective — Part 1 by Dr. Shannon Mills
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Oct 03, 2016
Vol 15, No 8
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The “Impression Jig” Guaranteeing Passive Implant – Based Fit by Daniel Kohm, CDT, RDT

Cercon ht-blanks with True Color Technology Perfect accuracy thanks to precise coloring
Reshaping Canines to Create Lateral Incisors by Vanik Kaufmann-Jinoian
A Simplified Dental Protocol for the Construction of Implant/ Mucosal Supported Removable Prosthesis. by Maurizio SEDDA, C.D.T., D.D.S., M.Sc., Ph.D, Simone FEDI, C.D.T.
Photo gallery showing the work of Luc and Patrick Rutten Simply Beautiful by Luc Rutten, Patrick Rutten
Case report: Rehabilitation of an edentulous patient with restoration of existing prosthesis by Alessio Casucci, Rodolfo Colognesi
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Sep 01, 2016
Vol 15, No 7
In This Issue

Collaborate Globally with International “CERECing” Using the Sirona inLab® SW 15. by Frankie Acosta, RDT

Overdenture: Function and Aesthetic Design by Luca Ruggiero and Salvatore Chimenz
The fusion of manual work and digital know-how. 
The ideal solution by Christof Ellerbrock and Thomas Jobst
A classic of dentistry in changing times by Stefan Tiehe
Complete dental prosthesis: Indispensable guide for implant-supported overdentures by Alessio Casucci and Rodolfo Colognesi
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