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Spectrum Dialogue is a publication committed to fostering better communications between Dentists and Technicians in order to optimize patient care. It focuses on cases, materials and techniques that are of interest to both Dentists and Technicians.

Mar 01, 2010
Vol 9, No 3
In This Issue

Ceramic Facets: Standardized and repeatable step-by-step prosthetic treatment by Attilio Sommella and Guerino Paolantoni

Press-on-Zirconia: Alternative Metal Free Esthetics by Dr. Daniele Martinelli and Domenico Ruffini, MDT

Create Your Own Style in Dental Coloration by Lorena Dalla Riva

Understanding Zirconia as Restorative Material by Michael S. Moscovitch, DDS, CAGS and Haim Keren, CDT

The Precision Build-up Technique by Rich Pavlak CDT, MDT, FNGSMDT

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Feb 01, 2010
Vol 9, No 2
In This Issue

The Art of Talented and Inspirational Communication by Anas Aloum, BDS, Domenico Cascione, CDT, BS
and Kazunari Takanashi, RDT

Shade Matching Mystery….Solved! by Luke S. Kahng, CDT

The Implant Removable Fixed Complete Denture (FCD) by Sascha Hein, MDT, SDT

“The Carrot Model” by Olivier Tric, MDT, CDT

Distortion Free Modeling Using the “Cold” Technique by Joachim Mosch, CDT and Andreas Hoffmann, MDT

The Beauty of Simplicity – Part I by Fausto Catena, CDT

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Jan 01, 2010
Vol 9, No 1
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Excellence in Dental Esthetics: Implantology Master Class New Trends and Materials in Esthetic Implantology by Luc and Patrick Rutten

Esthetic Materials that guarantee good masticatory wear resistance: the L.E.G. method by Elio Giardino, Luigi Giardino, Marco Giardino, and Rita Giardino

Complete Denture Stability During Chewing by Max Bosshart

The Man Behind Zirkonzahn’s Success: An Interview with Enrico Steger

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Nov 01, 2009
Vol 8, No 9
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Achieving the Ultimate Aesthetic Restoration Through the Use of Zirconia by Sang K Jun, CDT and Dr. Chris Sholota

Regenerate Your Crown/Bridge Processing Introduction to GC One Body Concept by Luke S. Kahng, CDT

There are Simpler Ways... by Joachim Mosch and Andreas Hoffmann

Zirconia & CAD/CAM Zirconia in Daily Dental Practice by Dr. Peter Karsant and Joann Gonzales

Simplifying Anterior Shade Matching with the Use of IPS e.max Press Lithium Disilicate by Bradley L. Jones, AAACD; Boise ID

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Oct 01, 2009
Vol 9, No 8
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Case Planning for the Implant Borne Fixed Partial Denture by Sascha Hein, MDT

A Systematic Approach to Esthetic and Functional Treatment - Part III by Karl E. Hegyi, DDS, FAGD and Arpad Csapo

The Importance of a Correct Anamnesis to Achieve a Good Mimesis by Jim Collis, CDT

Better Shade Guide Equals Better Communication by Luke Kahng, CDT

CAD/CAM for Successful Support of a Total Prosthetic Solution by Josef Schweiger, CDT and Dr. med dent Juliane Richter

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Aug 01, 2009
Vol 8, No 7
In This Issue

Photoconductivity of Glass-Ceramics by Pasquale Casaburo

A Systematic Approach to Esthetic and Functional Treatment - Part II by Karl E. Hegyi, DDS, FAGD and Arpad Csapo

Lingualized Occlusion by Jim Collis, CDT

The “Flocken Method” by Ed Flocken, BA, CDT

Reproducible Results From Casting by Sascha Cramer von Clausbruch

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