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Spectrum Dialogue is a publication committed to fostering better communications between Dentists and Technicians in order to optimize patient care. It focuses on cases, materials and techniques that are of interest to both Dentists and Technicians.

Feb 06, 2019
Vol 18, No 1
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Understanding High Translucency Zirconia


Conventional vs digital composite onlays: Phases, Sequences and Considerations


Treatment of a peri-implantitis patient case


VITA PHYSIODENS to Create a Custom, Individual Full Prosthetic

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Dec 10, 2018
Vol 17, No 9
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Full Arch Implant Treatment - Dr. Mark Willings, Steve Campbell, RDT


Comparison of the Zirconia Block and and Monolithic Zirconia-

Kage Koh, RDT


Psycho-somatic rehabilitation of a subject through total removable prosthesis-

Dr. Maurizio De Stefano, Odt. Luca Ruggiero


Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction - Patrick Grossmann

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Oct 15, 2018
Vol 17, No 8
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Zirconia Multi Layer

Smile Makeover: Taking a Conservative Approach

Comparison between Intra-and Extraoral Scanners

Rehabilitation in a Patient with Severe Loss of Vertical Dimension

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Sep 11, 2018
Vol 17, No 7
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In vivo study. Comparison between Intraoral and Extraoral Scanners - Part 1 

Finer Details — Zirconia

Bruxism and its Impact Constant dripping wears the stone… 

Digitally Designed and Meticulously Implemented 

Methods and materials satisfying fracture resistance and esthetics
Kage Koh, CDT

Do it all or not at all (Part 5) 

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Aug 01, 2018
Vol 0, No 0
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 In Vivo Study

Aesthetic-functional — Comparison between
Intraoral and Extraoral Scanners, Part 1
Shade Match with Zirconia to cover a discolored tooth
Quality Unites- Zirkonzahn, from the Alps to worldwide
Finer Details - Zirconia
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Jun 08, 2018
Vol 17, No 6
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The making of a sample model 

Aesthetic-functional — 'Implantodontics' 

Rehabilitation in Gnathological Key (Part 2)

Bizarre means - thought in an innovative way (Part 2)

Maximum Smile Aesthetics with Minimally Invasive Ceramic Techniques

Do it all or not at all (Part 4)

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May 08, 2018
Vol 17, No 5
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Prosthesis in high performance polymers


Bizarre means - thought in an innovative way



Rehabilitation in Gnathological Key

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Apr 09, 2018
Vol 17, No 4
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Upper Jaw and Lower Jaw Restoration with Zirconium Oxide
Armin Schlegel, MDT, Dirk Frank

Look More Attractive with Artegral Life
Dr. med.dent. David B. Rainsborough, Odt. Martin Szymanski

Full-mouth Restoration in Under Three Weeks Adam Nulty Do it all or not at all (Part 2)
Dietmar Schaan, MDT, Knut Miller, DT

Single Implant Placement in the Aesthetic Zone
David Furze, Kerstin Kress

Printing in Dentistry
Chloe Bradbury

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Mar 14, 2018
Vol 17, No 3
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Simply Beautiful! 
Luc Rutten, Patrick Rutten

How Digital Technology Evolves in Dentistry (Part 2) 
Angelo Della Bona, Alberto Lauricella,Gabriele Abrami, Luigi Lantieri de Paratico

High-performance Polymers 

Paul Tipton, BDS MSc DGDP RCS,
Dr. Bernd Siewert

Do it all or not at all (Part 1)

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Mar 06, 2018
Vol 17, No 2
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The Ceramic Revolution
Dominic Hassall

The Exact Reproduction of Natural Dentition
Yuji Tsuzuki

Aesthetic rehabilitation of the anterior mandible
Dr. Joris Kloster, Markus Stork ZTM

Shape and surface – Aesthetic restorations (Part 2)
Master Dental Technician Axel Seeger

How digital technology evolves in dentistry
Angelo Della Bona, Alberto Lauricella, Gabriele Abrami, Luigi Lantieri de Paratico

A different perspective on Shade Guides
Kage Koh, CDT

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Feb 01, 2018
Vol 17, No 1
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Ceramic Reconstruction of the Central Incisors
Darryl Millwood, MDT

Minimizing complications with complex Zirconia Frameworks (Part 1)
Mamaly Rashad, DDS MSc (Hons) Prosthodontist,
Domenico Cascione, MDT

The Importance of Collaboration
Dr. Robin Horton and Bradley Moore

Esthetics of Monolithic Zirconia
Kage Koh, CDT

A new design concept for prosthetic management of the posterior cantilever
Mamaly Reshad DDS MSc (Hons) Prosthodontist,
Domenico Cascione, MDT

A digital workfl ow for an edentulous patient
Luca Ortensi DDS, Tommaso Vitali DDS,
Carlo Borromeo CDT, Cesare Chiarini CDT,
Fabrizio Molinelli CDT, Marco Ortensi CDT,
Massimiliano Rossi CDT.

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Dec 17, 2017
Vol 16, No 9
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Precision Impression Technique ─ Modifi ed Metal Matrix
Dr. Attilio Sommellao

Early detection and treatment of early prognathism
Master Dental Technician Roman Müller

A complex rehabilitation case solved with the BOPT
Fabio Roncoroni, Ferruccio

Vischia Shape and surface – Aesthetic restorations (Part 1)
Master Dental Technician Axel Seeger

Creating a fi xed denture in one day with the CST bar

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