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Lexi-Comp ON-LINE FOR ORAL SURGERY: 3 Years (Buy 2 Years Get 1 Year Free!)

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Pub.Date: Jan 01, 2010


For 30 years, our nation's leading hospitals have relied on Lexi-Comp's pharmacology information. Now you can too!

Lexi-Comp ONLINE for Oral Surgery is our Internet-based resource providing the depth of pharmacology content required by oral surgery specialists. Lexi-Comp ONLINE features Lexi-Drugs, Lexi-Comp's most comprehensive pharmacology database, enhanced with dental-specific fields of information. Disease and diagnostic information includes Harrison's Practice (from the editors of Harrison's Principles of Internal Medicine). Plus, the Dental Alerts and Lexi-Interact module provides risk management guidelines on patient drug regimens and delivers instant alerts on medications that may influence treatment or cause harmful effects to the patient.


Lexi-Comp ONLINE for Oral Surgery provides office-wide access to continually-updated pharmacology information plus Lexi-Comp's full library of dental knowledge areas. Increase efficiency with fast interaction screening, improve patient care with enhanced medication safety, and avoid liability with this innovative program!

Lexi-Comp ONLINE for Oral Surgery includes the following databases:

Lexi-Drugs Online
Pediatric Lexi-Drugs
Harrison's Practice
Infectious Diseases
Lab Tests and Diagnostic Procedures
Natural Products
Advanced Protocols for Medical Emergencies
Oral Hard Tissue Diseases
Oral Soft Tissue Diseases
Illustrated Handbook of Clinical Dentistry
Clinician's Endodontic Handbook
Manual of Clinical Periodontics
Manual of Dental Implants
Your Roadmap To Financial Integrity In The Dental Practice
Little Dental Drug Booklet
Stedman's Medical Dictionary

Lexi-Comp ONLINE for Oral Surgery modules include:

Dental Alerts and Lexi-Interact
Drug Identification
Medical Calculations
Patient Care/ Education
Web Search

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