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Dental Photography & Shade Analysis in Dentistry (2 DVDs)

By: Edward A. McLaren, DDS, MDC
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 This DVD will cover:

-               The fundamental principals of general photography and how to operate a digital SLR camera

-               Macro-photography(close-up photography) used in documenting a case involving esthetic dental restorations

-               How to use dental photography to diagnose and treatment plan esthetic dental restorations

-               How to use PowerPoint to organize and edit the dental images into a format for presentations

-               How to visualize natural teeth and take shades visually

-               The use of the digital shade taking computers

-               How to use Photoshop to enhance exposure, composition, and color balance of the dental images

-               The basics of “Portrait” photography

-               Digital Photography, Photoshop, PowerPoint and Shade Analysis in Dentistry

-               Photoshop Techniques for Digital Smile Design 

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