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Anterior Veneer Preparations for Porcelain and Glass Ceramics

By: Edward A. McLaren, DDS, MDC
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5 x 7.5 x 0.25 in

Pub.Date: Aug 01, 2011

This DVD series will comprehensively cover the use of etchable ceramics both conventional porcelains and glass ceramics for anterior bondedrestorations for no-prep veneers, mini-prep veneers, standard preparation veneers, and full coverage veneers. In this 3 DVD series all clinical aspects from smile design, material selection, Bonded Mock-ups, preparations, temporization, and adhesive cementation will be covered in great detail.

Topic Covered in this DVD are:

- The clinical decision making process for choosing ceramic materials for anterior bonded restorations
- The step-by-step process of the different types of bonded and etched ceramic
- Preparations for Anterior a teeth based on the aesthetically driven desired outcome will be demonstrated and completed by the participants
- No-preparation clinical situations
- "Mini-Prep" partial veneers
- Standard preparation Veneers
- Preparations to close diasthema's
- Preparations based on final shade determinates
- Specific Techniques on how to control tooth reduction
- "Mini-Prep" full veneers
- Full coverage veneers
- Incisal Edge preparation designs
- Temporization (prototype) techniques
- Impression techniques

Note: Each DVD in this clinical series is a complete topic i.e. each can be viewed independently for specific knowledge on a aspect of anterior indirect adhesive dentistry.

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