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Porcelain Building Techniques

By: Edward A. McLaren, DDS, MDC
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5 x 7.5 x .25 in

Pub.Date: Jan 01, 2007

The DVD live demonstration course will feature advanced and simplified porcelain techniques. A porcelain building technique called the "Skeleton Build-Up Technique" will be detailed. All aspects of esthetic porcelain layer for the development of natural looking teeth will be covered. Esthetic coping design and porcelain margin techniques will be featured, with specific attention given to building the various layers of ceramic that allows the development of optical properties in the final restoration that mimic natural teeth. Contouring and texturing to recreate a natural appearance is critical to the success of dental restorations, armamentarium and step-bystep demonstration of these vital steps will be detailed.

Understanding tooth colour and form is of paramount importance if we are to achieve the illusion of a natural tooth. A layering concept called "The Contrast Zone Color System" that mimics the natural colour zones of teeth is described so the viewer can easily duplicate the natural colour gradations seen in teeth.

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