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By: Axel Seeger, MDT
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12"X 9.5"X 0.5" 127 pages 320 Photos

Pub.Date: Jan 01, 2011

 A smile will take you through this book, a smile is an expression of sympathy, satisfaction, joy and happiness. Just as a smile accompanied me in my travels across the continents of the earth. A smile that is so important for dental technicians as confirmation of the success of the work, as a thank you for their efforts and commitment demonstrated. 
Immerse yourself in the world of smile and be inspired, as I have been inspired in the stages of my trips New Zealand, Australia, USA and Hawaii. Images of natural teeth with an endless variety of shapes and surfaces. The sectional drawings show the depth of the tooth and where you can get in dental technology. I am not referring to the complicated technique of stratification, but the basic aspects, which in our own days, when we witness the triumph of digital techniques, are essential. 
Throughout this book I picked up the experiences and insights gained in my years of wandering , because I want to become the leitmotif of the work of each day, the technician who spur ambitious and encouraging young talent. Because what is more beautiful than a natural smile? 
follow me on my journey through the fascinating world of natural teeth to transform the everyday work in a satisfying way of life. The patients will thank you with a wonderful smile.Translated in 6 languages,German, English, Italian, Spanish,French,Portuguese.


Natural teeth
Incisors natural
Extracted teeth
Sectional drawings
Practical demonstrations
The dental laboratory in the world
Layering techniques
Case example


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