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Endodontic Science

By: Carlos Estrela, DDS, MSc, PhD
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8.27 x 11.02

Pub.Date: Jan 01, 2009

Pupal Biology, Root Development and Clinical Implications, Endodontic Treatment Planning, Endodontic Diagnosis Planning, Applications of Cone Beam Computed Tomography in Endodontics, Diagnosis of inflamed Dental Pulp, Treatment of inflamed Dental Pulp, Microbiological Aspects in Endodontics, Biology and Pathology of Apical Periodontitis, Epidemiology and therapy of apical Periodontitis, Differential Diagnosis of Apical Periodontitis, Endodontic infection control, Tooth internal Anatomy and Coronal Preparation, Challenge of Root Canal Preparation, Evolution of Endodontic instruments, Root Canal Preparation, A Systematic Review of Efficacy of Niquel-Titanium instruments - theoretical and Practical Concepts, Root Canal Irrigation, Calcium Hydroxide, Root Canal Obruration and Coronal Seal, Diagnosis of Endodontic Failure, Treatment of Endodontic Failure, Biologic and Clinical Aspects of Traumatic Dental injuries, Endodontic Surgery, Healing Process Following Endodontic Treatment, Findaments of Clinical Application of the intra-Radicular Posts.

1,248 pages - 1,728 illustrations.

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