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Impact Color & Internal Shapes of Anteriors-SUMMER SPECIAL 32% DISCOUNT

By: Yamamoto Shiyougo
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ISBN 978-4-263-46213-3 144 pages

Pub.Date: Apr 04, 2017

Part1 Maxillary central incisor and Lateral incisor
Part2-1 Internal structure and optical properties of maxillary anterior teeth
Part2-2 Fluorescence
Part3 Prologue Linked to Palatal-The influence of tooth crown colors according to 3 types of internal structure
Part3-1 Mamelon Type
Part3-2 Mamelon Type+Box Type
Part3-3 Box Type
Part3-4 Alteration
Part3-5 Anterior Root
Part4-1 Devil Head M Type
Part4-2 Devil Head B Type
Part5 Taper Type
Part6 Enamel
Part7 Lateral incisor
Part8 Canine
Part9 Lower anteriores

Introduction This
 book is the first book that I will write for the first time. And, the author extracted the natural tooth part of the Japanese upper anterior teeth part collected during the 30 years when he was engaged in dental laboratories as it is, or split lumbarly, remove only enamel, remove ivory It is a collection of photographs in which only quality is deleted and they are observed optically and structurally. 
 In prosthodontic therapy, in particular for the purpose of producing a prosthesis whose color tone is similar to natural teeth, I would like to know the structure of the target dentin of the natural tooth and the optical "secret" of the enamel I think that it is not the author alone. I have also collected natural teeth as samples as much as possible without breaking the thought. The reader will understand that collecting this sample's natural teeth is the most important thing to know about the secret mentioned above. I got the extracted teeth at the dental clinic where I worked in the past, or after the dental laboratory opened, gotten into the dental clinic at the customer's supplier and gifts were given to a dental doctor who is a friend ... .... I think I was very lucky in collecting samples. I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks to the teachers of my friends and dentists who have worked so hard to collect my samples.
 In addition, although we focused on taking natural teeth gathered as subjects, we tried to photograph so that we could get as good a finish as possible, but we were unable to shoot as desired for the technical reasons of the camera, The work was never easy, such as breakage during operation. In any case, we intended to make a photo album that allows observation and consideration from various viewpoints, but as the shooting progresses, we also shoot the sample of natural teeth that the writer was satisfied with finishing shooting in the past As I became wanting to challenge, when I was immersed in observation and shooting, it was also a day when I was exhausted from picking up a good finished picture from enormous image data (its labor is still clearly remembered) . Nevertheless, I tried shooting again the samples taken in the past and found new findings. Although I took photographing work as carefully as possible so as not to be caught by the subjectivity as much as possible, since it is a record in a narrow world to the last, although I can not deny that many subjective subjects of my writings are included, We focused on observation, especially in this document to capture the transmission and diffusion of light incident on teeth, and the structure of dentin. Among them, I was able to express and collaborate with the splendid collaboration of dentin and enamel which I had been interpreting so far with only "theory", so that I can draw many ideas and hints on my own expression on the ceramics technique It was obtained. I could have experienced a lot of inspiration moments.
 The color tone of the teeth woven by harmonization of dentin and enamel which are contradictory also in material and optical properties can not be developed without light. It is exactly the same as the moon and it can not shine on its own. Besides clinic, beautiful moon was shining in the night sky that I looked up at suddenly during the day when I was shooting samples for natural teeth. The day when we fixed the camera that can do super telephoto shooting on a tripod and shoot the change of the moon and the change per hour has started. However, thanks to that, we were able to gain great hints on ceramics work from nature too. Although it is a feeling, the moon photograph that I occasionally posted on the page has the relationship between the reflection of light and the properties of dentin in particular. I hope you enjoy them together. 
 By looking at this book, more clinicians were inspired, and some hints and impacts were given to readers of dental technicians engaged in dental physicians performing direct bonding and ceramics laboratory Then I feel happier than heart. 
 2017 Tokyo 
 Yamamoto Shogo 

recommendation letter
 I met Ms. Shingo Yamamoto (show) for the first time at the International Dental Technical Society organized by QZ, held in Kyoto in 1989. His first impression for me was an effort filled with talent and the enthusiastically pursuing "the way of the light" in the natural teeth enthusiastically. Since that encounter, he took many courses of ceramic courses and photo courses that I hold, invited me to Japan many times, and showed me a wonderful view. 
 He is an important member of the group "art & experience (R)" organized by me. It is unnecessary to say anything about the research and inquiry that does not know where he is going to make its name known all over the world.
 It is particularly valuable in this book that he wrote in this era when many of the manufacturing processes of natural aesthetic prosthetic devices are about to replace the new digital technologies. I express my gratitude and respect for my encounter with him and for getting many ideas from the time I spent. And, I am proud that I am an outstanding dental technician and I was honored to honor this recommendation for him, my most important friend. 
 Basel, Switzerland 
 Atelier Claude Sieber 
 Claude Sieber 

 A masterpiece analyzed and analyzed for natural teeth from various angles that has not been seen yet has been made. It is the contents that we give to dentists and dental technicians exactly "Impact" suitable for the title. In the past certainly there were some books that we observed and compiled the natural teeth, but perhaps there was once a thoroughly analyzed thing so far. 
 Even if we collect only this number of natural teeth (front teeth), it is not as common as it is, but to accumulate it separately for each type and classification, what is done without long years and steady efforts is not. 
 Particularly impressive was that in the preface the author watched the sky tired from the observation of the teeth, "I can see the moon in the night sky and be touched by its beauty, which is the structure and color of the natural tooth ( We recognized that it is similar to the reflection of light and the character of dentin. " 
 This book starts with the internal structure and light permeability, floral essence (fluorescence) around the maxillary central incisor, and classifies the structure of the natural tooth (internal structure) into three, and describes each of them.
 The color appearance is as shown in Part 3 - 5, in which the tooth roots are sliced ​​into each step, and the morphology of the pulp and the transmission limit of light are examined. Even after that, he is trying to observe, explain, and decipher the lateral incisor, cuspid teeth and lower jaw anterior teeth one after another. 
 In any case, the quality of the photograph of this book is very high, and it becomes pleasant with "just watching" as a dental worker. Reading and viewing are freely left to individual readers. And by looking at this book, you will be familiar with the difficulty of the aesthetic recovery treatment. 
 To  tell about Mr.  Shogeno Yamamoto, a recommendation sentence for
 Harajuku Dental Office in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo , that is to say, that it leads us to the world of outstanding art photography taken through his dental technician's work, It is an attempt to seek out his talent. As is also the case in the arts field, the image he captured has the ability to attract people with visual instincts, which also means that the greatest aesthetic will be restored by the ceramic restorations he makes linked.  And we can find some kind of genius in him. That is to guide the prosthetic treatment to success by approaches that the dentist and the patient are listening to and understanding the pros and cons of the prosthodontic treatment which is held in each position, and understanding, and having practiced in the orthodontic clinic It is.

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