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Techno-Clinical aspects of fixed removable prosthesis-SALE

By: Carlo Borromeo, Luca Ruggiero
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12"x9.5"1.5"- 616 pages- 1550 images

Pub.Date: Feb 01, 2016

Chapter 1: The edentulous upper maxillary Chapter 2: Overdenture prosthesis and facial esthetics Chapter 3: Rehabilitation of the edentulous patient using implant-supported bar prosthesis Chapter 4: Rehabilitation with maxillary total prosthesis and mandibular Overdenture Chapter 5: Functional and esthetic restoration of an edentulous patient using implant supported prosthesis Chapter 6: Rehabilitation of the edentulous patient using maxillary total prosthesis and mandibular removable prosthesis on double bar Chapter 7: Rehabilitation of bar Overdenture prosthesis with palatal obturator Chapter 8: Removable maxillary prosthesis anchored by bar milled using Cad and Equator screw-retained brackets Chapter 9: Complex rehabilitation Chapter 10: Combined mini-invasive maxillary prosthesis Chapter 11:Overdenture on implants Chapter 12:Implant-prosthetic rehabilitation of maxillary dental arch using Overdenture supported by Seeger Bar Chapter 13:Prosthetic-implant rehabilitation of the maxillary teeth using overdenture prosthesis supported by Seeger Bar of the mandibular teeth using a Pivot Block Chapter 14:Prosthetic rehabilitation of maxillary arch by Overdenture prosthesis supported by Richmond crowns and of the mandibular arch by retained implant prosthesis Chapter 15:Prosthetic implant rehabilitation of the maxillary arch using Overdenture prosthesis supported by Seeger Bar with retentive attachments and locking pins Chapter 16:Total maxillary removable prosthesis Chapter 17:Simplifications in total implant supported rehabilitation in class II reduced space Chapter 18:Mandibular overdenture on implants with immediate loading:an ever current therapeutic solution Chapter 19:Manufacture of an maxillary Overdenture with correction of an implant disparallelism of 87 ° resolved thanks to the synergy between OT Equator and Seeger Bar attachments. Chapter 20:Complex clinical case of a rehabilitation using Overdenture prosthesis Chapter 21:Full maxillary denture and mandibular overdenture Chapter 22:Assessment criteria for the prosthetic overdenture on implant retention implant retained mandibular rehabilitation Chapter 23: Assessment criteria for the prosthetic overdenture on implant retention Implant-supported mandibular rehabilitation

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