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By: Attilio Sommella, Guerino Paolantoni
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12"x 9.5"x 1"

Pub.Date: Aug 01, 2014

 This book is designed to provide, through the execution of some cases, the setting-clinical technique that is almost the same both in the case of rehabilitation interests that a single element, both in the case of more extensive rehabilitation. A rehabilitation that provides for the realization of one or more veneers with a high predictability, ie which has the ambition to meet the aesthetic and functional requirements of our patients, requires extremely accurate execution at any time, according to a succession of steps clinical- standard techniques. By the algorithm strictly procedural, the decision to perform minimally invasive restorations will be easily passable and free from hazards.




Indications and contraindications



Preparations of teeth

Immediate Dentin Sealing

Final impression


Type of work

Color Detection

Choice of ceramic material

Preparation of the interface coating-ceramic

Layering technique and finishing

Re facet of work on integrated



Clinical cases

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