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Dentaltown Blast Quality of USA Dental Laboratories
By: Gary L. Maxon, CDT | Published 07/20/2009
If you are a subscriber to Dental town’s magazine I hope you had an opportunity to read the May issue where this 28 year dentist claims his profitability was so effected by his lab bills he decided to form a partnership with a laboratory in China” so (he) could help pay for (his) kids college education. He went on to say he blames the lab fees for “crippling (his) profitability,” eating away at his ability to make a living: he takes it a step further and says  all dentist know it’s become difficult to find qualified technicians in the US and he wants to save other dentist from getting “the same lousy treatment”  he was getting. So now he has started a laboratory so dentist can send him work to make a profit and he just mails them off to China.

The obvious unprofessional attempt at commercializing an off shore laboratory is not even couched in the Vail of aiding the dental community. I need not discuss the challenges of economics but if his lab bill was “crippling” his ability, then there is something more wrong with his practice.  

Now I could care less about this dentist as I have had the unpleasant experience of trying to work with him, but my questions are directed towards Dentaltown and Dr. Farran.

Why would he publish such a negative article about the Dental Laboratory industry in the U.S.? Does he agree with this dentist?

In my professional career in the dental laboratory industry I have met, worked with, and employed some of the finest craftsmen and dental technical specialist in the world. The dental laboratory fees are lagging way behind world standards. Taking advantage of economically struggling economies is not something that one should celebrate. The NADL, and many more should take issue with this type of article and the printing of same. 

But let’s get to the real reason for this blog, first I think everyone in the dental laboratory industry who subscribe to Dentaltown should cancel their subscription and the six laboratories who advertise in Dentaltown should cancel their ads. And I also feel everyone who feels as offended as I do should write a letter to Dr. Farran asking for an explanation as to why they would publish such a slanderous article.

Gary L. Maxon, CDT
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Comment # 1 (Posted by Mario Mendez CDT )
Hoooray for Mr.Maxon CDT...I too am a certified dental technician but in the same perspective there ARE many would be technicians that are workin in our industry and treating our dentist like paper money to play with. This is my 12th year in the field and I have learned how to interact with my dentist instead of blowing smoke where the sun don\'t shine. If a good dental technician applies his views and forms of respect towards their dentist, I am pretty sure that the dentist will not mind making some minute changes if its called for. But for the rest that always think that the Dr. is always right well those are the ones that gives us technicians a bad name because all they are thinking about is money in their pockets and not being fair and sending out NOT JUST quality work BUT consistent prothesis that the dentist himself will know that the lab itself made it in house instead of off shore laboratories. Grow up wanna be dental technicians and take pride in your work...if this doesn\'t work then why don\'t you always ask yourself before you all send the work out, \"Would I put this appliance in my mouth?\", and that my friends will tell you right there and then if you are good enough to be a tech.

Comment # 2 (Posted by Tom W )
Let's imagine for a moment the thoughts this same dentist if he heard of his patients en masse chartering a flight to China to get extensive implant or cosmetic dentistry done due to his fees crippling their ability to put food on the table, or send THEIR kids to college ;)

Comment # 3 (Posted by Tom W )
Another thought. Maybe dentists doing this should proudly put a nice big banner ad across their storefront or in their yellow page ads... "We send our crowns to China which saves our valued patients a whopping 10% of our final fee!"

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