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On Ceramics
By: Stefan Borenstein | Published 03/24/2009

Ceramics, Originally, for those of you young enough to remember, found it's genesis as a Quartz, Kaolin, Feldspar material known as porcelain. But then being a "Ceramist"  sounded  a whole lot better than a "Porcelainerist".


First there were the original all porcelain teeth made on platinum foils followed by  porcelain fused to platinum iridium alloys in air fired Kilns. Then came vacuum furnaces and the lower fusing 2200 F degree porcelains which gave slightly better translucency. ( Apco and Bioform if I recall correctly).

At first there was little selection, The principal contenders were Ceramco the work horse and Vita for the artiste .


Today they have evolved into dozens of choices including porcelains, ceramics, hydrothermal glass, aluminum oxide, zirconium and hybrid glasses both natural and synthesized. Materials to be layered in conventional manner or those to be pressed. For those with pockets deep enough to invest in a Lear jet we can even offer CAD/CAM systems. Who knows. Soon we may have “I Robot” working at the bench while we sip martinis pool side. What ever happens, it will be interesting. Sit back and enjoy the ride.



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