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Life's a Bite!
By: Jim Collis, CDT | Published 06/10/2010
Several years ago, I was ordering custom printed coffee mugs as holiday gifts for my dental laboratory clients. On one side of the mug, I included the lab logo and contact information. On the other side of the mug, the printer suggested some kind of clip art or catchy text that would suit my bus ...
Dentaltown Blast Quality of USA Dental Laboratories
By: Gary L. Maxon, CDT | Published 07/20/2009
If you are a subscriber to Dental towns magazine I hope you had an opportunity to read the May issue where this 28 year dentist claims his profitability was so effected by his lab bills he decided to form a partnership with a laboratory in China so (he) could help pay for (his) kids college educat ...
On Ceramics
By: Stefan Borenstein | Published 03/24/2009
Ceramics, Originally, for those of you young enough to remember, found it's genesis as a Quartz, Kaolin, Feldspar material known as porcelain. But then being a "Ceramist" sounded a whole lot better than a "Porcelainerist". First there were the original all porcelain teeth made on platinum foils ...
Dos and Donts in Tough Economic Times
By: George Obst | Published 01/08/2009
We are in scary economic times and there is no doubt that there are fewer patients having expensive oral restorations. While patients have to take care of their oral health they are choosing less expensive "fixes". Cosmetic dentistry is down and people are opting for fewer implants. In these time ...