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Friction caused by implant telescope Forced Friction, Part 1
Article Date: Feb 03, 2014 Vol 13, No 2
Axel Muhlhauser

For 25 years, the 88-year-old patient has had a telescopic restoration fitted in the upper jaw, which had previously been fully functional (Fig. 1). The work was carried out during the course of a tumor disease. As a result of this disease, the nose, parts of the upper lip and the upper jaw/palatal area in regio 13 to 23 were removed. The remaining abutment teeth 16, 14, 24 and 26 form the friction elements for the telescopic restoration. The mesial prosthetic components are heavily extended for the reconstruction of the hard and soft tissue deficits so as to support the upper lip and nasal epithesis with beard line.
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High Tech Complete Denture Prosthetics
Article Date: Jun 03, 2013 Vol 12, No 6
Juerg Hengartner

The incorporation of complete dentures in the upper and lower jaw is a demanding undertaking for both the patient and the operator.
Even at a ripe old age, patients are becoming very discerning with regard to the esthetics and function of their dentures. The SR Phonares® II teeth and the IvoBase® injection system have opened up new possibilities to meet these demands.

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Managing a Clinical Case for a Client’s Son
Article Date: May 01, 2013 Vol 12, No 5
Luke S. Kahng, CDT

The patient in our case study is in his midtwenties and had an unfortunate accident involving his central anterior tooth #9.
As any dental technician knows, it is very difficult to match a single central tooth, but since the author’s long-time and excellent client was requesting that he help her son, he decided to give it his best effort. Arrangements were made for the patient to come home on his break and visit the lab for a preliminary custom shade session. During the appointment, material selection was also discussed.

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Creating Access Holes for Hybrid Denture Bridges
Article Date: May 01, 2013 Vol 12, No 5
Mark Huels, CDT, MOCOI

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Stabilization of full dentures
Article Date: Jan 15, 2013 Vol 12, No 1
Wolfgang Lang

A prosthesis made of PMMA acrylic should not break under normal circumstances. It requires accurate impression taking followed by proper fabrication and correct handling by the patient. In order to fabricate a strong reinforcement, certain basic conditions need to be considered.

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Genios Teeth
Article Date: Jan 15, 2013 Vol 12, No 1
Carlo Zanon, DD,LD, FCAD

In our profession, the long standing durability of our products is one of the necessary ingredients with respect
to our ultimate success or failures as practitioners. One of the key elements in the design and construction of our
dentures is the selection and quality of teeth used. Over my 32 years in practice, I have learned some important points in the development and growth of my practice. Patients are mainly concerned about the following with their new dentures.

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A Systematic Bioesthetic Approach to Restorations(Part1)
Article Date: Jun 01, 2012 Vol 11, No 6
Michael Brusch, MDT, Ralf Dahl

When making dental restorations there is only one role model to take seriously: the corresponding natural tooth. Covering a material frame with porcelain and converting it into a bioesthetic restoration requires building a crown exactly as nature has ‘built’ a natural tooth. Fifteen years ago, Michael Brüsch , CDT and Ralf Dahl, CDT developed a simple and systematic concept applicable to all systems. It
was based on the assumption that classical ceramic systems have limitations for producing a bioesthetic restoration.
The demands of today’s enlightened dentists and patients have spurred the authors to seek new ceramic systems. The solution is not a quick fix, but a mature philosophy that has been converted into a ceramic system during four years of cooperation.

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The Quick Master articulator:REFERENCE
Article Date: Apr 02, 2012 Vol 11, No 2
Robert Gagnier

The Quick Master anatomical articulator is manufactured by the French company FAG Dentaire and distributed in Canada by DenPlus.

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Ultra SuctionTM Review
Article Date: Jan 02, 2012 Vol 11, No 1
Jim Collis, CDT

For the laboratory, the devices are easy to use, but there are a few important points to which the technician must pay particular attention. The blockout bar that creates the chamber is placed over the crest of the ridge just prior to packing,pouring, injecting or microwaving the denture.

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The occlusal splint made of Orthocryl
Article Date: Feb 01, 2011 Vol 10, No 2
Stefan Kehlbacher

A material suitable for many applications.

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The Evolution of Denture Retention
Article Date: Oct 01, 2010 Vol 9, No 8
Colin J. De France, Richard Taché

Jack Malone had been edentulous since he was 16. By the age of 40, Jack had built a successful law practice and was happily married, with two boys attending private school. Despite Jack’s multitude of achievements, his quality of life always suffered in relation to food intake. Having had to live with standard dentures for most of his life, Jack was frustrated by the lack of chewing efficacy and an inability to enjoy certain foods.

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New Horizons in the use of Esthetic composite facets in Prosthetic Dentistry-Part1
Article Date: Jun 04, 2010 Vol 9, No 6
Antonio Lazetera

Awide range of increasingly innovative and reliable materials is now available to satisfy the needs of both patients and dentists. Esthetics become absolutely subjective in a situation where there is strong emphasis on appearance and this is often difficult to communicate clearly and unequivocally to the patient. Looking through the wide range of prosthetic options, new methods are available for the heterogeneous manufacture of prostheses.

Moreover, using esthetic composite facets is increasingly convincing as its development has concentrated on using
new alternative materials that are not to be undervalued. This new esthetic coating system manages to satisfy
current esthetic standards with a modern design of its form and the vestibular surface structures. Lastly, the color can
be chosen from sixteen of the most recognized ones in the Vita scale and as in the clinical case presented in this
article, this color can be easily modified if necessary in order for it to be individually harmonized. The ease with
which the system can be used satisfies every more or less artistic technician who works with this type of prosthesis,
restoring the patient’s well-being in a predictable manner, improving efficiency and increasing production in our
laboratories as well as contributing to improving the dental studio’s image in the eyes of an increasingly varied
clientele. Consequently, technological evolution now permits the dental technician to use a valid succession of
materials and take less time to produce standard units of undoubted quality.

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