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Between CAD and MAN
Article Date: Dec 09, 2014 Vol 13, No 9
Luigi De Stefano

Working at the bench wearing a mask and overalls using manual skill and dexterity always leaves more room for using a computer mouse at a desk while wearing a shirt. CAD/CAM systems (Computer- Aided Design, Computer-Aided Manufacturing) have become more reliable and constitute a major instrument for making various medical devices. On the other hand, manual work and using classic techniques remain indispensable in the production of other devices. Now these two techniques are becoming intertwined, have been merging, and have become part of the preparation. An example is described in the case report presented here.
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CAD/CAM and the Dental Technician
Article Date: Dec 09, 2014 Vol 13, No 9
Cristian Petri, Dental Technician

Technology advances every second, offering us a whole range of possibilities throughout recent years; but, in most cases, we find it hard to keep up with technology, mainly for financial reasons. The same happens with dental technology. In the last 10 years, manufacturers have stormed us with a multitude of computerized systems to help us obtain higher quality works at speed. A CAD/CAM system is made of a CNC dental drill, the CAD (Computer Aided Design) component, including modelling software and a scanner, and the CAM (Computer Aided Manufacture) component, including software for setting the drill parameters. The successful combination of these three parameters will guarantee a positive result, and, together with the qualities of a technician, the work obtained may closely imitate the natural.
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Hand-made CAD/CAM Systems from the South Tyrolean Alps
Article Date: May 01, 2014 Vol 13, No 5
Enrico Steger

Dear colleagues, I would like to invite you to the CAD/CAM world of Zirkonzahn and to my home countr y, South Tyrol. Experience what is important for us as we develop our CAD/CAM systems. Take a look at our production facility and dream with me about the possibilities of a CAD/CAM system and share my passion for zirconia as a material for dental restorations — the material that triggered the very foundation of Zirkonzahn itself.
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Clear Commitment to High-quality Manual Work, Part 4
Article Date: May 01, 2014 Vol 13, No 5
Carmen Giezendanner, Paul Giezendanner

In tough times, trust is more important than ever, and ultimately, trust is all about trusting one's self. Paul and Carmen Giezendanner are firm believers that for the dental industry too, the time has come to send out an important signal by trusting dental technicians to show their work and services in a better light and to demonstrate their skills.
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Clear Commitment to High-quality Manual Work, Part 3
Article Date: Apr 01, 2014 Vol 13, No 4
Carmen Giezendanner, Paul Giezendanner

Openness and cooperation are required for services and work processes. The aim must however remain quality craftsmanship – a task for which the dental technician is responsible
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Clear Commitment to Quality Dentistry, Part 2
Article Date: Mar 03, 2014 Vol 13, No 3
Carmen Giezendanner, Paul Giezendanner

The market position of dental technicians with respect to the rapid development of digitalization in dentistry was discussed in the first part of this article. In part 2, we will focus on the material zirconia and answer such questions as: Is zirconia the new white gold? How do we best integrate it in our daily work and when is it suitable to use it?
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Straumann® CareS® CAD/CAM
Article Date: Mar 18, 2013 Vol 12, No 3
Paul Giezendanner

With digital dentistry becoming increasingly prolific, the marke t ha s rece ntly been introduced to another new service from Straumann: “Straumann® CareS® Screw-retained Bridges and Screw-retained Dolder® Bars”1 (SRBB).
This service now enables technicians to meet even more of the clinical needs of their dentists by creating strong, reliable short- and long-span bridges and bars that fit precisely. In terms of the application of this process, Ashley Byrne, co-founder and managing director of Byrnes Dental Laboratory in Oxfordshi re/UK, had the opportunity to assess Straumann’s service performance and the quality of the product.

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Evaluation of DENTCA’s CAD/CAM Denture Technology for Implant Overdentures
Article Date: Feb 15, 2013 Vol 12, No 2
Hee Jung Kim, Dr. Tae Kim

In this era of longer life-spans and continued population growth, dental health care must constantly improve to meet the challenges and needs of the ever-growing edentulous patient segment. Reports indicate the edentulous adult population in the United States will increase from 35.4 million adults in 2000 to 37.9 million adults in
2020.1 The purpose of this study is to evaluate implant overdentures, and to determine if CAD/CAM denture technology can improve upon conventional treatment procedures. The following case evaluates the time, cost, effectiveness, and overall results of utilizing CAD/CAM technology in complex and challenging implant overdenture

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Patients Feel Like Rock Star at SCRIPPS ROCK DENTAL
Article Date: Nov 01, 2012 Vol 11, No 9
Anthony Hatch

Founder Dr. Anthony Hatch has transformed his new Scripps Rock Dental office in San Diego, California from a conventional business park office with a whitewalled interior into a vibrant, colorful space that sings. The move from Hatch Dental on Wexford Street to the new Scripps Rock Dental in Scripps Ranch was a labor of love.
With everything from musically inspired artwork to traditional and trendy guitars on the walls, Scripps Rock Dental seems to be hitting all the right notes with their patients.

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“Spherical, threaded attachments - interchangeable OT CAP normo- micro and OT EQUATOR with sleeve to be glued”
Article Date: May 01, 2012 Vol 11, No 5
Gianni Storni

Our case: A prosthetic rehabilitation on an inferior edentulous arcade using 4 fixtures over an intratissue area. Side by side to the innovations of the CAD/CAM techniques and materials, Rhein’83 has extended the standard OT CAP and OT EQUATOR lines with the innovative line of threaded interchangeable attachments, divided in two different applications systems: OT CAP normo and micro spheres, OT EQUATOR with a 2 mm thread for milling CAD/CAM bars already threaded by the milling center.

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T1 CAD/CAM milling: all-rounder in dentistry
Article Date: Mar 01, 2012 Vol 11, No 3
Gianni Storni

The automated production of ceramic restorations  innovative milling systems with the latest CAD / CAM technology, makes it possible for dental laboratories to work efficiently and economically

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Advanced development of Cercon smart ceramics Cercon art 3.1
Article Date: Jan 02, 2012 Vol 11, No 1
Jurgen Pohling, Hanau

CAD/CAM technology dominates the prosthetic work in dental laboratories increasingly. For dental technicians it is important to be able to create virtual framework designs easily, conveniently and reliably. The software Cercon art meets these criteria for established technical processes in the dental office. For years it has been a tried and tested intuitive tool for the virtual design process in many laboratories.
The current version, Cercon art 3.1 offers a variety of important innovations that allow an even more extensive and individualized design of crowns and abutments. The new version enables the manual editing of several single crowns at the same time. The software allows the design of individualized implant superstructures over one-piece custom-abutments or as a highly aesthetic alternative over two-piece abutments for example in the posterior region. Despite the larger range of function, Cercon art 3.1 allows the dental technician to proceed with his work as usual with an easy and convenient approach.

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