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Precision-fit Solution
Article Date: Nov 27, 2015 Vol 14, No 9
Justo Rubio

For many years, the aesthetics of the dental restorations I fabricated were extremely dependent on factors related to the patient or the technique used. In order to avoid unsightly margins, cemented restorations were frequently preferred over screw-retained versions. However, the fact that the cemented restorations prevented the clinical inspection of the implant was considered to be a disadvantage of these solutions.
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Methodological Restoration of Function and Aesthetics
Article Date: Oct 19, 2015 Vol 14, No 8
Dr. Sergey Chikunov

Educational objectives – To cover the process of replacing substandard restorations and the correct diagnosis and treatment to restore correct occlusion prior to placing new individual crowns. Expected outcomes – To understand how previous dental intervention can damage occlusion and how it can be corrected properly. Further to understand which aspects of previous treatment can be retained in restoring optimum form and function of the dentition.
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The Use of a Face Bow and Articulator for both Function and Esthetics
Article Date: Jul 03, 2015 Vol 14, No 6
Thomas Lee

Although the use of a face bow and articulator was introduced well over 100 years ago1,2 most dental procedures are performed without an articulator or with a small, disposable, non-adjustable articulator without a face bow because of complex, misunderstood instrumentation and time-consuming procedures. Every dentist checks the “bite” using marking ribbon and then adjusts the teeth, because interferences in the dentition can create harmful destructive occlusal forces, lead to occlusal disease and other problems. However, most dentists disregard the relationship of the “bite” to the TM Joints. The relationship of the teeth, TM Joints and neuromuscular system during jaw movement function is being increasingly recognized as an important factor.4, 9
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The Material of our Choice
Article Date: May 26, 2015 Vol 14, No 5
Thomas Jobst

More than two years ago, the first manufacturers of zirconium oxide succeeded in developing a high translucency material variant. Ever since, the high-performance ceramic material has been used successfully to produce monolithic restorations and also made available to patients with a low budget. The material of our choice is Lava Plus High Translucency Zirconia from 3M ESPE. At the 2015 IDS trade fair, this material was made available also as a blank in a standard diameter (98 mm). In this new format, Lava Plus can be ordered not only from an authorized milling center, but processed also at your own laboratory or production center using all commercially available dental open milling systems. We use it mainly to produce monolithic bridges in the posterior teeth region, which are offered to patients as an alternative to restorations made of non-precious materials and are highly appreciated by patients. I would like to present the production procedure and the advantages of the system using an application example.
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Enhancing Smile Line Symmetry with a Single Polychromatic IPS e.max Multi Anterior Restoration
Article Date: Apr 24, 2015 Vol 14, No 4
Daniel Shelton, BA and Roy Krengel, DDS

The Dentists and their patients are increasingly demanding esthetic restorations that are also durable andstrong in order to correct a variety offunctional and appearance relatedproblems. Fortunately, the combinationof advanced technologies and enhanced materials is enabling dentallaboratory technicians to predictablyrespond to these demands. Amongthem is an advanced lithium disilicateingot (IPS e.max Multi, IvoclarVivadent, Amherst, NY) thatinherently demonstrates progressivechroma and opacity from the cervicalto dentin areas, as well as life-liketranslucency in the incisal region. Additionally, the monolithicrestorations fabricated from theseingots demonstrate enhanced fractureresistance compared to otherrestorative options (i.e., 400 MPa ofstrength).1
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Communication Begins with a Smile
Article Date: Apr 24, 2015 Vol 14, No 4
Lorena Della Riva

People need to smile and theyneed to smile spontaneously. Weneed to believe that we can construct real smiles and in order todo this we have to acquire technicalemotional consciousness. A fable told by Max Beerbohmnarrates the story of an evil man calledLord George Hell who fell in love witha beautiful maiden. Unfortunately forhim, she declared she’d only love a man with an angelic face, while LordGeorge’s looked more like the face ofthe devil. In desperation, he bought anangel-face mask from a craftsman andwore it in such a way that it would noteasily be removed, therefore preventingthe maiden from seeing his horribleface. He finally presented himself tohis beloved, who fell in love with him.
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Essence of Morphology
Article Date: Apr 02, 2015 Vol 14, No 3
Yoshimi Nishimura, DDS

Dental technicians play an important role in esthetic prosthetic treatment. and dental In order to respond to patients’ desire properly, we need to reproduce shape and shade similar to each patient’s natural teeth as much as possible. In addition, we also need to pay attention to periodontal structures and easy to clean for the patient.
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World’s Leader of Micro Tooth Artistry for Aesthetic Dentistry
Article Date: Feb 25, 2015 Vol 14, No 2
Nasser Shademan, Dental technologist

Nasser Shademan, Micro toot artist, professional painter and sculptor. Founder of ORAL MUSEUM aesthetics, a concept dedicated to micro aesthetic dentistry. Nasser shademan is the world’s first ever ceramist to design micro size portraits of renaissance artists and real people within layers of porcelain tooth with finest detail imaginable. He is the developer of the world's first non-surgical screw retained gingiva system (Monalisa removable gum) and the 20 Minute smile design concept, a rapid, practical method for bridging the communication gap between dentist, patient and ceramist the very first time they meet. Aesthetics is a branch of philosophy devoted to beauty.
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Full Upper Aesthetic Implant Restoration
Article Date: Feb 25, 2015 Vol 14, No 2
Nasser Shademan, Dental technologist

Full implant restoration is one of the growing areas in dentistry. If a patient wanted to change from an old restoration to a full implant restoration, it would mean that the patient would be expecting a high quality end result. This poses a great challenge and huge responsibility for the dentist and technician.
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Aesthetic Solution with innovative hybrid materials and technology
Article Date: Dec 09, 2014 Vol 13, No 9
Jeongho Jeon,CDT;Sojin Lee,DDS;Hongseok Moon,DDS,PhD

I work in the Central Dental Laboratory of Yonsei University Hospital, Seoul, Korea. I am the head manager at Yonsei Hospital of the Denture Department where I work to ensure our patients receive the best and most advanced treatment for their denture, bridge, and implant problems.
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Aesthetically and functionally convincing full dentures, Part II- Working Towards the Perfect Solution in a Team
Article Date: Dec 09, 2014 Vol 13, No 9
Burkhard Topp, Franz Hoppe, MDT, Martin Rempen, Med. Dent.

The Vita-ToothConfigurator enables virtual prosthesis planning on the PC. All Vita-teeth are thus stored in the ToothConfigurator's dental database. In addition to specific criteria for preparation and tooth selection, the software provides the basis for optimised communication between the dental technician and the patient, all prior to the wax-up. Thanks to the simulation of the new prosthesis on the PC, the patient can get a meaningful picture of their future dental work, with a few clicks of a mouse. Further advantages of the software include extensive documentation - all details of the work, such as images, discussions, etc. are stored in a single location - as well as its optimised inventory management, as the tooth sets can be ordered specifically following the virtual fitting.
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New possibilities in orthodontics with the light-curing Orthocryl LC acrylic, Part 1- The light-curing alternative
Article Date: Oct 16, 2014 Vol 13, No 8
Oliver Handwerk

Especially in orthodontics, finding materials for patients sensitive to methyl methacrylate can be challenging. The complicated fabrication of delicate appliances with wire and screw elements makes thermoforming and thermoplastic procedures very costly; quite a few appliances can´t even be fabricated with these procedures. With Orthocryl LC (LightCuring) fabricating complicated appliances such as the function regulator becomes easy and convenient. Dental technician Oliver Handwerk writes about his experiences with this new material.
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