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Royal Plantation- Deny Yourself Nothing
Article Date: May 01, 2007 Vol 6, No 5
Tin Thomas

No one can deny the quality of Royal Plantation, a true gem of a resort in Ocho Rios, on the dazzling north coast of Jamaica. This elegant palace of pleasure is a place, says managing director Jamie stewart, where guests are told, “make every effort to deny yourself nothing.”

Built in the 50’s to evoke the gracious plantation-house lifestyle when Jamaica was the most glamorous and romantic island in the Caribbean, Royal Plantation has been restored to its former sumptuousness and is Jamaica’s first and only member of Leading Small Hotels of the world.

Society, celebrity, nobility… they flocked here in the 50’s and 60’s before low-cost jet travel flooded the island with tourists. Members of the British Royal Family, Sir Winston Churchill, Richard Nixon, Eartha Kitt, Iam Fleming- they all stayed at what was then Plantation Inn. Noel Coward, who kept a home in Jamaica, was a frequent visitor. “Mr. Coward would still be comfortable here, very comfortable,” says Stewart.

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Training for the Eyes
Article Date: Apr 01, 2007 Vol 6, No 4
Margit Reinhardt

Working all day, staring into a microscope is tough on your back, hands, neck and especially your eyes. After a stressful day, relaxation is in order- perhaps some laps in the pool, a massage, some quality time with family, friends or even just relaxing in front of the TV. That’s all good for the body, but what about the eyes? You say, “They get enough rest when I’m asleep, don’t they? What else can I do?” Plenty! Our eyes are one of our most important tools, so shouldn’t we offer them some specific time for relaxation or perhaps increase their fitness? Eye trainer Margit Reinhardt discusses how to do this and how you can profit from properly rested eyes. Hundreds of millions of your visual cells are working at this very moment on the text that you are reading here—a routine activity that you barely notice. Properly functioning eyes are critical to our daily tasks. Luckily, being able to see things easily and effortlessly makes it hard to imagine the complexity of the processes that enable us to see and perceive. But what happens after you spend hours focusing intensely on a case? Have you noticed that when you get to work every tiny detail is clearly visible, but by day’s end it’s not so easy? Do your eyes ever burn or feel gritty? After long stretches of close-up work, do you sometimes get blurred vision? These may be signals that your eyes are being overloaded. They are telling you that your eyes need balance or a rest before you go back to doing your best work.

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Working Elegance: Today's professionals can go through the day's demanding paces while maintaining their sense of style
Article Date: Mar 01, 2007 Vol 6, No 3
Shy Jacoby

Engineers in Japan are perfecting a wearable power suit that amplifies human strength to help lift hospital patients or heavy objects. The project is designed to help nursing home workers lift patients of up to 180 pounds while cutting the amount of strength required in half.

In today’s highly competitive business world, professionals are always looking for an edge, to empower them during a key business meeting or presentation. They know the importance of looking your best at the most important moments. Thus, the quest for a power suit begins, but where to begin? And what makes a power suit powerful?

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European Vacation
Article Date: Mar 01, 2007 Vol 6, No 3
Paul T. Zuest

Living in San Diego, California I normally do not consider the weather as a factor when making outdoor plans. All of us in this region just assume that it is going to be a bright and sunny day as most are throughout the year. Deciding when to take a vacation in Europe takes quite a bit more consideration. I have been advised and personally experienced the fact that one should not vacation in Europe in July or August because it is too hot, and crowded with European families taking their own holiday during that time of the year. It is also not advised to travel through the cold and snow of Europe in the Winter unless your plans are to embrace it with world class skiing in the Alps. So that leaves the Spring and Fall to choose from for a European vacation. My wife Michelle and I chose the month of September for a trip by automobile through Switzerland and France on the recommendations of our relatives in Switzerland that said the weather is usually good, and friends living on the French Riviera that said the weather is good and the swarms of tourists are gone. As it turned out, they were both correct and our great sunny San Diego weather continued with us throughout most of the vacation.

Arriving in the Zurich airport we were pleasantly surprised to have our internet booked Volkswagen car rental upgraded at no extra charge to a fancy Puegot due to the fact that we were delivering it back to its home at our departure airport in Nice. The bonus that it also had a GPS navigational system later became an indispensable tool as it helped us navigate the proper exits on roundabouts and through the busy streets of the larger cities along our route. The first stop on our itinerary was to visit with relatives on my father’s side that live in the Appenzellerland region of Switzerland. The small town of Rheineck sits on the banks of the Rhein River and separates Switzerland from Austria. It was here in the mid 1900’s that the Zust Family ran a womans undergarment factory with over one hundred employees, and had their own retail outlet store on the main street in town called Zust Zur Rose. We toured the original building of the first factory in town and stayed with my relative in the penthouse on the top floor of the second larger factory built a few blocks away. The inside stairwell of the old factory building is adorned with hand painted scenes of old Appenzel life (Fig. 1) that are fit for a museum.

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Inspire or be inspired
Article Date: Mar 01, 2007 Vol 6, No 3
Paul T. Zuest

In Vol. 5 No. 1 of Spectrum (now Spectrum Dialogue) we featured Saul Hirsh, RDT, a Canadian dental technician who at the age of 90 (then) continued to work on a daily basis at the lab that he and his wife established in 1945.

As of today, Mr. Hirsh is continuing has work without forgetting his other love of life, photography. It might be a cliché, but a picture is worth a thousand words, whether it is used to communicate case information between the laboratory and the dentist, used by the lab owner to teach a procedure to a new technician or of course a hobby in studying life.

According to Mr. Hirsh photography as an art and hobby is being pursued by millions of people the world over. Cameras, films and accessories are available to suit every budget. Buying expensive equipment is no guarantee for obtaining photography of distinction. Only the person behind the camera determines the photograph. First definite is a good photographer must have a control of interest that catches the eye. A good photographer should evoke some questions. It should transcend a message, a good feeling and you begin to wonder how the photographer made that picture.

Photographs can be made everywhere but if you want to photograph a natural wonder, you have to travel places. These award-winning photographs were spontaneously created in Toronto, otherwise known as “A moment in time”.

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