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The VKS-OC Radicular Attachment; A Root Cap Application That Has Stood The Test Of Time!
Article Date: Mar 18, 2013 Vol 12, No 3
Peter T. Pontsa, RDT

Bredent’s VKS – OC universal attachment has been on the market for close to 20 years. Many manufacturers have tried to duplicate it to no avail, because the “duro-plast” retention cap is made with thermoplastic which
provides a very resilient snap when inserted.
Because of this innovation this radicular or ball attachment is still the most popular amongst dental health professionals and vindicates the success of this simple and reliable root cap “snap” attachment.

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Cross-Pinning;The application of retrievability utilizing tap and screw procedures
Article Date: Oct 01, 2012 Vol 11, No 8
Peter T. Pontsa, RDT

The technique of cross-pinning using a transverse screw to fasten a prosthesis to a custom prefabricated abutment allows retrievability in all situations including misalignment. The most important reason to consider this technique is the complex pathologies and interactions between the peri-implantitis and chronic periodontal diseases. Understanding the clinical complications most certainly challenges the judgment in permanently cementing an implant supported restoration and the frequency of technical and clinical difficulties that encompass dental implants can be expected.

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Occlusion and Attachments: The Underlying Scheme for Successful Overdentures
Article Date: Apr 01, 2010 Vol 9, No 4
Dennis Urban, CDT

In the ever-changing world of dental technology, the one segment that seems to be a mainstay in growth consistency is removables. Whether it is full dentures, partials, implant overdentures, or attachment overdentures, the potential for continued laboratory business growth in these areas is substantial. While growth opportunity is a major factor, the success factor for removable cases included in the areas mentioned includes many variables.

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History of the ball anchor according to Dr. Hans Dalla Bona
Article Date: Aug 01, 2007 Vol 6, No 7
Walter Wermuth


Whether they are called “Ball Abutment”, “Ball Attachment”, “Dal-Ro”, “Dalla Bona Spherical”, “Ball”, “Bona” or “Dalbo”; if you are referring to an attachment with a spherical part of a diameter of 2.25 millimetres, there is a strong possibility that you are in the presence of a product whose origin is the result of an invention by Hans Dalla Bona!

In the same lineage as other renowned fellow countrymen such as Prof. Gerber and Prof. Dolder, Dr. Hans Dalla Bona gave his name to a system that has become essential in the biomechanical therapy of removable dentures.

The principle of the ball anchor made of precious metal alloys is among the first achievements in the field of anchors. It is one of the pioneer attachments when it comes to dental retainers. Today, that is to say half a century later, it is one of the key solutions for the retention of partial or hybrid dentures. The benefit of these 50 years of clinical traditional dentistry and its application on natural teeth constitutes an important element in implant prosthetics (Figure 1).

Portrait of the inventor, Hans Dalla Bona (1926-2002)

His first professional choice was dental technique. Following his apprenticeship in Lucerne, Switzerland he acquired his first years of practical experience in Frauenfeld and Zurich. Because patient contact was a priority for him, he attended complementary training in dentistry in Vienna.

Hans Dalla Bona opened his cabinet in Biel-Bienne in 1955. Combining his knowledge in dental technique and his clinical experience, he started developing a series of ideas related to prosthesis retaining elements such as the Dalbo Vertical Stress-Breaker, the Dalbo Ball Anchor and the Dalbo Cylindrical Anchor, that were eventually entrusted to Cendres & Métaux SA in Biel-Bienne for their development, manufacturing and distribution.

The rapid success of the retaining elements is a testimony to the practical nature of his inventions and a demonstration of his visionary spirit.

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