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The Winds of Change.....
Article Date: Apr 02, 2012 Vol 11, No 4
Mike Girard, RDT

Two and half years after the official end of the economic recession, many of us are still scratching our heads waiting for the all clear sign. While 2011 offered a few positive signs, it still doesn’t seem like an appropriate time to start high-fiving each other.

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Adhesive Bridges on Partial Preparations for the Morpho-functional Restoration of the Lateroposterior Single Missing Tooth
Article Date: Oct 01, 2011 Vol 10, No 8
Mike Girard, RDT


Adhesive bridges on partial inlay-onlay-overlay type restorations represent a valid therapeutic option in opposition to traditional restoration techniques of the single edentulous in the late ro- posterior area. They can be realized in ceramics (Fig.1) and fiber-reinforced composites (FRC) (Figs. 2 and 3), mostly glass. Our clinical experience leads us to prefer the latter option as the bridges in glass fibers are able to combine the advantages in terms of wear and fracture resistance of conventional bridges with metal structure along with the stability and aesthetic integrity of metal-free ceramic systems.

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The Enhanced Restoration of Removables
Article Date: Feb 01, 2010 Vol 9, No 2
Jim Collis, CDT

Patients with existing full or partial dentures often report that they would like to improve the appearance and fit of their dentures without going through the substantial expense and time-consuming process of replacing their dental work. Until recently, denturists, dentists and dental laboratories were limited in terms of what they could provide the patient that would be affordable from the patient’s perspective, while allowing the practitioner the ability to recover the labor costs associated with the restoration. Now, new equipment, like the Renfert Sympro, an innovative rotating denture cleaning device with acid resistant stainless steel needles, and products, such as Vita’s VM® LC, a light-cured indirect tooth-colored composite, and GC America’s Gradia® Gum, a light-cured tissuecolored composite, afford practitioners the opportunity to cost-effectively provide a value-enhanced restoration, a fully “relined and revitalized” removable.

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Radius Quad
Article Date: Feb 01, 2010 Vol 9, No 2
Jim Garland, CDT

The Monotrac V2 Radius Quad

The Monotrac cast-in-place, pinless, model die and articulation system has a long list of convenient functions and features that make it the most unique and capable model system for the dental lab today. You can in fact do any and all cases whether simple, complex, large or small with simplicity and vital accuracy.

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