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Article Date: Feb 21, 2017 Vol 16, No 2
Dominic Babinski CPA, CMA

 For reasons that still escape me dental professionals are often allergic to selling. Maybe it’s because they feel more like technicians than business people. Perhaps it’s because “selling” to patients feels like a violation of their clinical relationship.

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Don’t think you’re growing your business just because you’re busy
Article Date: Oct 13, 2016 Vol 15, No 8
Paul Green

 If you talk to enough practice owners about how their business are performing, you start to notice anomalies. For example, you spot that ones who are struggling with their business typically work just as hard as the ones who are seeing their turnover and profile grow.

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Think yourself to success
Article Date: Jul 03, 2015 Vol 14, No 6
Sue Adams

Irecently attended a business event, one of those shows where lots of people get together to network and promote their businesses locally. At these events, in addition to the seminars cajoling you to improve your business, there are always several stands where people are promoting personal development.
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How to communicate really effectively with your clients-
Article Date: May 26, 2015 Vol 14, No 5
Thomas Kitsos, RDT

If we can communicate more effectively we can: • Close more leads with new with clients • Have better relationships • Engage more clients • Keep more clients
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Here’s To Your Success
Article Date: Dec 09, 2014 Vol 13, No 9
Nadean Burkett

The best definition I’ve heard or read of success is a quotation from Zig Ziglar. He said, “Success is a personal standard, eaching for the highest that is in us, becoming ll that we can be.” This means that success is a ourney, not a destination. Because what we re capable of and our expectations change as e mature and gain new skills, this means that uccess is a relative concept.
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Three Tips for a Successful Product Launch
Article Date: Oct 16, 2014 Vol 13, No 8
Bill Neal,CDT

Our evolving industry continues its advance with improved technologies. New CAD/CAM systems, 3D Printing, intra-oral scanners and 5 axis milling machines are just a few to mention here. The laboratory industry is now capital intensive and it continues to grow in size and dollars spent.
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Marketing Pit Falls and How to Avoid Them
Article Date: Sep 26, 2014 Vol 13, No 7
Bill Neal,CDT

Thinking about marketing and advertising your laboratory and its services? If you are new to marketing, you might want to think about avoiding some classic fundamental pit falls in what you expect from your campaign.
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Positive thinking will add years — really good years — to your life
Article Date: Jun 02, 2014 Vol 13, No 6
Shawn Achor

 Get Well Soon

Health and happiness is not a chicken-or-egg quandary. Studies have determined that happiness often does lead toimproved health and longevity.

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Do you ever click those links when you search?
Article Date: Jun 02, 2014 Vol 13, No 6
Steven Pigliacelli, CDT

My lab has had a webpage for more than12 years and a Facebook page for about 5 years. Has it done anything to increase my business? I would say no. Does it have potential? Maybe. Over the years, I’ve found that the key to making social media beneficial to your lab is to use it wisely.

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Doing What Counts
Article Date: Apr 01, 2014 Vol 13, No 4
Tory Johnson

I’ M WO R K I N G 13 hours a day and still not accomplishing what’s really needed. What should I do to finish the truly key tasks? Doing a lot doesn’t necessarily mean accomplishing a lot. For instance, answering emails can consume huge amounts of time but often doesn’t help you reach your real objective of making money. Here are a few ways to stop spinning your wheels, reduce time-suckers and get back on track
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Napoleon Hill’s Legacy The former SUCCESS publisher’s lessons resound today
Article Date: Apr 01, 2014 Vol 13, No 4
Meagan Hatton

Inspired by a suggestion by industrialist Andrew Carnegie,Napoleon Hill spent 20 years inter viewing the most successful people of his day. He distilled their wisdom in the classic 1937 bestseller,Think and Grow Rich.
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Be Careful What You Wish For
Article Date: Mar 03, 2014 Vol 13, No 3
Steven Pigliacelli, CDT, MDT

One of the prevailing desires of dental technicians is to be recognized and appreciated. And why not? We work hard and we should be acknowledged. I’m sure you’ve had as many conversations as I have in which, after identifying myself as a dental technician, I’m asked “So, you’re a dentist?” or “What is that?” My standard response is “I make teeth.” But while a lack of information about dental technology may be understandable in the general population, we are rightly concerned by the federal classification of dental technicians as unskilled labor. It’s a designation that is insulting and incorrect. I don’t need to describe here how difficult it is to become a technical and how much education is needed. We all know from our experiences exactly what we invested in our art.
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