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Dental CEO
Article Date: Sep 26, 2014 Vol 13, No 7
Nadean Burkett

Since the previous article, “Centralized Practice Management” was published in Spectrum Dialogue, and its companion piece, Decentralized Practice Management, I have received considerable feedback and questions. Most were solo practitioners and practice owner operators who are concerned with meeting the seemingly unattainable business acumen they assume is needed to compete in this new environment.
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Centralized Practice Management
Article Date: Jun 02, 2014 Vol 13, No 6
Nadean Burkett

 DMSO (Dental Management Service Organization) is a combination of a DSO and MSO (which we have defined and discussed in previous articles). These groups are flourishing throughout North America, Australia, New Zealand and United Kingdom, united in the Dental Group Practice Association – .

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Past, Present, Future
Article Date: Oct 01, 2013 Vol 12, No 8
Nadean Burkett

The business of dentistry has changed and is changing whether to keep up with changing technology or moving in synch with that evolution. Prior to the 1980s and even into the mid-90s, more than 70% of dental practices were owned by one dentist, some with multiple operators and/or multiple locations. In the US today, the percentage of solo owners is ~20% and falling. There is clearly less demand by individual dentists to own and operate a practice today. Some point to the change in demographics of dental school graduates (we now average 50% female dental undergrads in North America) over the past 30 years as one significant reason for this shift in practice model. Regardless of the reason, the evidence is clear – the ways dental services are delivered and resulting business model has changed, is changing and will continue to evolve in the future. We do not render an opinion as to whether this is good, bad or indifferent but to fail to acknowledge this may leave some clinicians few options in their career and business.

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Article Date: Jun 03, 2013 Vol 12, No 6
Nadean Burkett

Vending machines – put in some coins; get a candy bar or snack. Immediate gratification; one of life’s little plea sures to be sure!
Wouldn’t it be great if everything was that simple?
Lots of people are motivated solely by money. They  will do anything, say anything for money. That’s being coin-operated.

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