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Fiber-Reinforced Implant-Supported
Article Date: Sep 21, 2015 Vol 14, No 7

Over the past 10 years, both fixed and removable dentures on implants have become commonplace and are readily available by dental professionals. Implant supported overdentures are commonly fabricated on anywhere from 1 to 4 implants and offer patients a significant increase in stability and improved mastication. They can be much more affordable than fixed implant alternatives, making it a more accessible solution.
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SHOFU Ceravety Press & Cast
Article Date: Dec 02, 2013 Vol 12, No 9
Wolfgang Weisser/Aalen, MDT

 I have been pressing fully ceramic materials for 18 years now, and this has become an integral part of the work carried out in our laboratory in Aalen. The materials have changed over time.

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Wet and dry grinding
Article Date: Apr 01, 2013 Vol 12, No 4
Wolfgang Weisser/Aalen, MDT

Th e new Ce ra m i ll M otion 2 f rom
A m annGir rbach is a hybrid de nta l C N C system that combin es 5-a x is mil li ng and grinding technology in wet and dry modes.
This milling machine provides dental and practice laboratories with a wide range of digital framework production possibilities, and the attractive pricing combined with the array of indication possibilities means that all laboratories can start to see a return on their investment in the system quickly, regardless of their size or orientation.

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The Enhanced Duplicate Denture as an Initial Phase of a Long Term Treatment Plan
Article Date: Nov 01, 2012 Vol 11, No 9
Jim Collis, CDT

This is a case study of a 58 year old male patient in need of full mouth rehabilitation (Fig. 1). The patient has an existing full upper denture and a partial lower denture. Both the upper and lower appliances are in extremely poor condition. The current upper denture is ill-fitting and loose due to resorption of the ridge and consequently rocks, resulting in poor occlusion (Figs. 2 & 3). The patient may require some lower periodontal work which could involve addition tooth extractions as yet to be determined. The patient also presents with oral hygiene issues which need to be addressed as part of the treatment plan. After conferring with his patient, the doctor contacted my dental laboratory to discuss the most cost-effective and feasible way to proceed.

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Reviewing Veracia SA Anterior & Posterior Teeth & the Q3 Pack
Article Date: Oct 01, 2012 Vol 11, No 8
Jim Collis, CDT

In this issue, I will be reviewing the Veracia SA line of teeth manufactured by Shofu Inc. Shofu has been a high quality manufacturer of porcelain teeth for over 85 years and acrylic teeth for over 65 years. They have been one of the leading suppliers of teeth to the Asian market.
After many years of research on tooth wear and physiological function, the company developed the Veracia semi-anatomical anterior and posterior line of teeth and successfully introduced this line to the European market.
Veracia SA teeth are currently being introduced in the United States.

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