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6 Things that We Cannot Live Without
Article Date: Jul 03, 2015 Vol 14, No 6
Lee Culp, CDT and Lida Swann, DDS

e.max CAD – e.max CAD allows me complete control to produce excellent quality restorative dentistry, while combining digital design, artistry, technology and efficiency. Its my first choice as a restorative material, when creating veneers, inlays, and full coverage restorations.
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The Challenges of being number one
Article Date: Mar 18, 2013 Vol 12, No 3
Lee Culp, CDT and Lida Swann, DDS

In a recent visit to Japan, Mr. Peter Asselmann, editor/publisher of dental dialogue Italy and partner of Palmeri Publishing Inc., had the pleasure to meet with and interview Mr. Nakao, President and CEO of GC Corporation. He shared some past, present and future GC events and developments. Some of which were launched at the just concluded IDS in Cologne

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The Changing Face of Dentistry, or The End of the World as We Know It (But I Feel Fine)
Article Date: Apr 02, 2012 Vol 11, No 4
Steven Pigliacelli, CDT

The Baby Boomers are nearing their retirement day and not liking it very much. (One thing that will be welcome is the end of the term “Baby Boomer.”) As they go, many of them are grumbling about the next generations: Generation X and Generation Y. You often hear the complaint that this new generation is lazy with an overwhelming feeling of entitlement. They are not motivated and do not have the same work ethic that the previous generation had when they started out. They wear big goofy shorts, have bad haircuts, and waste too much time on video games, the Internet, bad music and social networking. Sound familiar? It probably does. The only problem is that the generation prior to the Baby Boomers also complained-of torn jeans, long hair, bad Rock and Roll, and laziness with no work ethic. We were at a crossroads then and we are again now. There is always a gradual evolutionary change from year to year and generation to generation, but every once in awhile we have a full generation gap. What we’re seeing now are some big changes in the style, the demographics, and the educational direction of the dental industry.

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One or Two more things for your Bucket-List
Article Date: Jan 01, 2010 Vol 9, No 1
Axel Pomeranz

Next time you go to Europe plan a stopover in Friedrichshafen, Germany. Getting there might also add another task to this famous list- driving on the worlds fastest and safest road network, the German Autobahn.

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Why not be a Pilgrim
Article Date: Aug 01, 2009 Vol 8, No 7
Chris Kinasz

Nothing in the world beats a hard-earned vacation spent relaxing on a sandy beach in a warm destination. It’s also really hard to beat a getaway spent cruising down open runs at a world-class ski resort. Considering there are so many traditional travel ideas to choose from, it is not surprising that many travelers may overlook the option of a religious pilgrimage. The Way of Saint James just might be the route that will make you forget about powder snow and beers on the beach forever.

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LA's Pop Culture
Article Date: May 01, 2009 Vol 8, No 5
Marc Huber

Being the world’s entertainment capital, it’s natural that Los Angeles contains many wonders for pop culture enthusiasts. In a city where anyone can become a star, icons of the entertainment industry appear throughout the city. Where else can you find Bob Hope Drive, or Bette Midler’s highway sign?

These monuments have been most commercialized at Disneyland and Universal Studios. Servants of the Mouse have packaged joy for decades. At the grandmaster of amusement parks, reality operates on another plane. The Disney universe captures almost everything in the park. As a sampling, memories of Pinocchio, Swiss Family Robinson and Alice in Wonderland are easily triggered by some of the rides. Of course, Mickey’s image is everywhere. Yet, the best ride at Disneyland, Star Tours, stems from the Star Wars movies.

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Dentistry in the Rain Forest
Article Date: May 01, 2009 Vol 8, No 5
Peter T. Pontsa, RDT

My wife Angela and I have been visiting Costa Rica for several years and have made friends with many remarkable people. A close friend introduced us to Julie and Randy Russell who are doing missionary work in the Dominical region on the South Pacific coast. On our last visit in November 2008 we had discussions about providing some sort of dentistry to the Ticos who were financially disadvantaged.

An old friend and colleague had just been down to Honduras with Dentistry Without Borders and had setup a denture clinic where they provided dentures to the disadvantaged. Angela and I presented the same idea to our missionary friends. Julie thought that the best approach would be to educate the youngsters about dental hygiene. So we all agreed that we would provide a seminar to the children on dental care and cavity prevention through brushing and flossing. Dent-Line of Canada Inc. our company would provide the toothbrushes, toothpaste and floss.

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St. Lucia: The perfect romantic getaway for couples
Article Date: Apr 01, 2009 Vol 8, No 4
Chris Kinasz

Couples who wish to experience an unforgettable romantic holiday on the tropical island of St. Lucia need only consider Sandals Resorts. This is true as Sandals has three distinct, couples only resorts on the island each having different advantages and unique features. Travelers can easily find an option at one of their St. Lucian resorts that will surely fit their needs precisely. The first opportunity for choice from a vast amount of options comes when selecting a room type. There are numerous different room types at each of the three resorts; Sandals Grande St. Lucian, Sandals Halcyon Beach, and Sandals Regency La Toc Golf Resort and Spa.

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Explore Cuba's History
Article Date: Mar 01, 2009 Vol 8, No 3
Chris Kinasz

Many travelers voyage to Cuba to enjoy the beautiful beaches, warm weather and to indulge in a superlative cigar accompanied by a fine glass of rum. While these things are all more than great, the preeminent reason why travelers should choose Cuba as a vacation destination is to learn about, and experience, the nation’s storied history. Many forget to consider the distinctive historical, cultural and social characteristics present in this country which is one of the world’s last remaining communist nations. History buffs who are looking for more than a simple beach vacation should definitely plan a visit to Havana, with time spent in Santa Clara.

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From Beaches to Biblical Sites, Israel has it all
Article Date: Oct 01, 2008 Vol 7, No 8
Chris Kinasz

Peering out your window as you fly into Ben Gurion Airport when the sun is shining, as it almost always is in Israel, you’ll see a vast display of glittering rooftops. It’s because many a rooftop in Tel Aviv is jazzed up with solar panels and so from the sky Tel Aviv looks like a sea of precious gems. This initial view foreshadows what will lie ahead for you on a trip to Israel, as this is a country filled with riches of all kinds.

From a tourism perspective, there really isn’t anything Israel is missing. If it weren’t for all the bad press (and the conflict it stems from) Israel could well be the number one tourist destination in the world. There are as many historical masterpieces scattered throughout the country as there are pebbles along a dirt road. There is Judeo-Christian and Muslim religious significance at nearly every turn. Israeli food is packed with flavour. Its people are passionate. Its beaches will have you contemplate pitching a tent. As for Israel’s beauty – its array of natural wonder – it will form pictures in your mind long after you’re gone. If it’s only fear of safety that’s stopping you from going, don’t be scared. Statistically, you’re probably safer enjoying the sites in Israel than you are driving to the airport for your flight. Accommodation in Israel is top notch and there are many different types to choose from. The most well known hotel chain in Israel is The Dan Hotel Chain, with 13 hotels situated in prime locations.

At the Dan Carmel Haifa, if you’re lucky enough to get an ocean view, the first time you pull your window curtains back you may very well loose your breath. The view of the city and sea is quite affecting.

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Canada to Mexico: On the way to Mexico we stopped in Saudi
Article Date: Jun 01, 2008 Vol 7, No 6
Dannielle Hayes

“I don’t normally hug my dentist”, remarks Dr. Don MacLachlan speaking of his Mexican dentist in Puerto Vallarta . “But the moment she sees me, she gives me a big hug and points to the chair.”

Dr. MacLachlan, a specialist in emergency medicine and his wife Mary, a violinist, are both Canadians and happily retired in Puerto Vallarta on the west coast of Mexico . Not only have they found excellent dental and health care here, but also a lifestyle that satisfies their other needs as well. Why Mexico and why Puerto Vallarta ? That part of their story involves Saudi Arabia , of all places. After studying medicine at the University of Calgary , Don did his residency at L.A. County General Hospital , and then returned to Calgary where he worked for 20 years and raised a family. A friend and colleague, who was working in Saudi Arabia at the King Faisal Specialist Hospital (KFSH), a facility built for the Saudi Royal Family, persuaded Don and his wife to join him in the Middle East. It was during his seven years practice at KFSH, that Don was invited to attend some medical conferences organized by the University of Toronto, but held in the Mexican coastal town of Puerto Vallarta .

“ Puerto Vallarta I found to be a happy place, bright, cheerful and the women are not all covered up like they are in Saudi Arabia .” By this time, the MacLachlans had been ex-pats from Canada for a number of years, the warm climate of Mexico was appealing, and there were certain tax advantages. So along with some other friends, all doctors in Saudi Arabia , the couple packed their bags and moved to Puerto Vallarta .

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Sandals Resorts changes the shape of luxury all-inclusive
Article Date: Aug 01, 2007 Vol 6, No 7
Camille Roy

Every time Sandals raises the bar for luxury at its famed Caribbean resorts, the all-inclusive chain faces a brand-new challenge: Meet, and preferably exceed, these exacting standards.

For 25 years, Sandals has been expanding and improving its luxury all-inclusive brand to offer the over-the-top quality guests have come to expect.

“At Sandals Resorts, we are always reinventing luxury and we continue to look for new and innovative ways to give our guests the most luxurious, most romantic product available,” said Gordon ‘Butch’ Stewart, chairman of Sandals Resorts.

First introduced at Sandals Grande Antigua, Rondoval Suites are circular villas, created as a private retreat where couples experience lavish accommodations and top-notch service.

Following the great success of the Rondovals in Antigua, Sandals has taken its suite-in-the-round concept to a whole new level with Grande Rondoval Suites at Sandals Grande St. Lucian. Inside and out, the Rondovals offer guests the utmost in luxury and elegance. Each suite has a separate sitting area, in-room Jacuzzi and separate shower with glass mosaic tile. Natural stones and soaring conical ceilings create an exotic sanctuary where a refined and elegant composition of imported mocha marble, bleached pebbles and the finest mahogany create a canvas for the ultimate romantic rendezvous.

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