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16 years of Cercon - high standards, high performance- Aesthetic, Bio-compatible, Economical
Article Date: Feb 21, 2017 Vol 16, No 1
Cercon ht

 16 years ago it finally became possible to process zirconium dioxide economically in the laboratory. Cercon opened up to dental technicians every opportunity that this exceptional ceramic offered in dental medicine and, with ever broader indications, offers today and will offer in future.

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Metal Free Ceramic Crowns -Zirconia A solution that comes with its own challenges
Article Date: Dec 19, 2016 Vol 15, No 9
Bassam Haddad

 With the fast progress of Zirconia and the large variety of options that this material is offering, the challenge is to do the right choice of translucency or opacity and the right shade. The base color, the veneering style, custom staining still does not guarantee a definitive result.
The following is a photographic essay of the clinical and laboratory steps in the management of two central incisors. The objective is to convey the logic involved in establishing the results from the beginning to end.

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Case Study: The new standard for all-ceramic solutions
Article Date: Jun 27, 2016 Vol 15, No 6
Dr. Sven Rinke

 Another way to decrease the risk of technical complications is the exclusion of the veneering material in so-called monolithic restorations. However legacy Y-TZP materials displayed only limited esthetic properties with low translucency and availability in opaque white color only. Recently, Y-TZP materials with improved translucency and color spectrum (e.g. Cercon ht Shaded Zirconia, DENTSPLY Prosthetics, York, PA) have been introduced, making the monolithic Y-TZP restoration a viable treatment alternative.

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Metal-free Anterior Dental Restoration
Article Date: Feb 12, 2016 Vol 15, No 2
Dr. Francesco Argentino & Michele Temperani

Restoring something that nature has designed to be inimitable takes a lot of skill. And the upper central incisors are particularly challenging to design, as they are right in the visible area. The following patient case demonstrates how a minor correction can change a patient's appearance and therefore have an impact on how their character is perceived.
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Falling into Zirkonzahn
Article Date: Feb 05, 2016 Vol 15, No 1
Kerstin Beine

Nearly a year ago I started to work with Zirkonzahn materials. Dr. Antony Carbery at the Malo Clinic in La Salle Québec had bought a Zirkonzahn System to produce most cases in Zirconium and finish the cases in his clinic. Having worked with other types of Zirconium (Lava, Metoxit, Bruxzir) I studied all the information I could find on the Zirkonzahn material before I started to work at the Malo clinic. Of particular interest to me was the painting of the colours with aquarelle which enabled me to control the colour of the Zirconium right from the beginning. Who wants to stain Zirconium if the colour can be achieved in the green stage?! Nowdays most dental technologists know about Enrico Steger’s philosophy and approach, and there are no worries that the system and materials he personally developed would not work. After all he is a worldwide known inventor and artist who wants to share his knowledge and passion.
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Using Ceramic Material Creatively-Anterior Teeth – Following Nature as a Model
Article Date: Nov 27, 2015 Vol 14, No 9
Thomas Weiler, MDT

Aperfect crown cannot be distinguished from natural teeth. Designing a perfect crown is a big, difficult-to-achieve target, both in the posterior an in the anterior teeth area. Copying the simplicity of nature is certainly an enormous task. Perhaps it can be reached, or perhaps it remains an ideal. Some results haven’t been what I wished to acomplish…subsequent photo analysis will reveal mistakes relentlessly. A camera is a honest, incorruptible teacher. It makes the smallest detail visible. Apart from experience, mainly, the knowledge of ceramic materials to be used is of decisive importance.
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The best of both workds
Article Date: Jul 03, 2015 Vol 14, No 6
Massimiliano Pisa

For several years we have been taking advantage of a working technique (IPS e. max CADon/ Veneering Solutions) that combines two widely studied materials: lithium disilicate (LS2) and zirconium oxide (ZrO2). Using the CAD-on techniqueinvolves the following components: • IPS e.max ZirCAD blocks (zirconium oxide, framework), • IPS e.max CAD blocks (lithium disilicate ceramic, veneering), • Ivomix high-frequency vibrating device, • especially designed thixotropic fusion glass-ceramic to join the ceramic structures.
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Observations Of Monolithic YZ & Lithium Disilicate
Article Date: Jul 03, 2015 Vol 14, No 6
Jim Emmons CDT,FNBC

The challenges to replicate conventional aesthetic layering techniques with monolithic restorations has proven to be an extreme compromise for most ceramist. I am working to find the best aesthetic results with monolithic restorations. At this time tried & true layered porcelain techniques still provide the finest level of aesthetic dentistry.
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Alternative Framework Design Concepts for the All on 4™ Solution
Article Date: May 26, 2015 Vol 14, No 5
Saj Jivraj B.D.S., MS.Ed,Mamaly Reshad B.D.S, MSc,Domenico Cascione BS, CDT. Claudio Tinti CDT

The predictability of successful osseointegrated implant rehabilitation of the edentulous jaw as described by PI Branemark introduced a new era of management for the edentulous predicament. Implant rehabilitation of the edentulous patient re- mains one of the most complex restorative challenges because of the number of variables that affect both the esthetic and functional aspect of the prosthesis.
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Revolutionary Development-Part 2
Article Date: Apr 02, 2015 Vol 14, No 3
Dr. François Lelièvre

The new veneering ceramics can be used for many framework materials. In the first part of the article, the author explained some of the chemical and physical aspects of this new generation of ceramics. This part of the article focuses on aesthetic criteria. Over time, the purpose of prostheses has changed. In the beginning, they were supposed to meet basic clinical necessities (tooth loss due to caries, accident. etc.). Today, the top priority is meeting aesthetic criteria, which created a new, growing market.
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Revolutionary Development- Part 1
Article Date: Feb 25, 2015 Vol 14, No 2
Dr. François Lelièvre

The new veneering ceramics are indicated for varied framework materials, including zirconium dioxide. Even multiple firing cycles have no impact on the ceramic material anymore. The author takes a scientific approach on the development of dental ceramics and describes various chemical and physical aspects.
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Versatile and effective
Article Date: Feb 25, 2015 Vol 14, No 2
Urszula Mlynarska

Throughout their professional lives, dental technicians continue to learn and perfect their skills in using ceramic to recreate typical features of dentition such as the internal structure, the surface, and transparent and translucent areas that are as natural in appearance as possible.
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